Our accreditations, certifications, and experience levels would be costly to maintain on staff. that in-house personnel may not have or will be costly for the company to maintain for their personnel.


We provide an outsiders’ eye. This helps you demonstrate a culture of best practices and can help to forgo or reduce OSHA safety inspections, violations, and assessments. We will even negotiate OSHA fines, if required.


Consultants are always keeping up with accreditations, government regulations, and the latest developments in specific industries.


We are not bogged down by your company’s internal affairs nor influenced by your past safety record. We will never issue a report that is anything but the truth.


Only pay for what you need. You can hire a consultant for a single project. So you don’t have to pay salaries and benefits for in-house personnel. And, our services are tax-deductible.



Every safety incident impacts your workforce and their families as well as your reputation and bottom line. Deep South is committed to helping companies, contractors, and agencies build risk-free environments.

Our experienced safety consultants can help your organization comply with existing safety regulations and implement best practices that can reduce workplace injuries and improve your site’s overall safety and cost performance through assessment, program development, and training of your workers and supervisors.